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Livingston Mayor, 3 Councilmembers support Adam Gray for Congress

Central Valley Voice

May 19, 2022

LIVINGSTON – Citing his help in improving roads, combatting crime, his unwavering support for veterans and his efforts to deliver both COVID-19 vaccinations and personal protective equipment to essential workers, four of the five members of the Livingston City Council have endorsed Adam Gray to represent them in Congress. “When COVID hit, Adam Gray didn’t run and hide,” said Mayor Juan Aguilar Jr., “he called and asked how he could help. We told him we didn’t have enough masks, gloves and, later, vaccine. It wasn’t long before those things started to arrive. Adam’s office played a big part in that.”

Mayor Aguilar and Assemblymember Gray

Councilwoman Maria Soto was especially happy with the work Gray has done on behalf of veterans, service members and their families – such as the legislation that allowed certifications and professional licenses gained in other states to be accepted in California without additional testing or paperwork.

“Helping veterans is very important to me and to this community,” said Soto. “There’s no doubt that Adam has worked hard for veterans, which is why he was named the American Legion’s Legislator of the year in 2018. That’s not a coincidence.” After 10 years in the California Assembly, Gray declared his candidacy for California’s 13th Congressional District in January. The District was redrawn last year and is considered an open seat. Among five declared candidates, Gray is the only one who actually lives in the district and the only candidate who has ever served in public office at any level of government. Other councilmembers said their support was based on Gray’s efforts to protect the community. Gray joined Mayor Aguilar and Mayor Pro-Tem Raul Garcia in Livingston in early May to discuss efforts to fund a new fire station for the community, something sorely needed in Livingston. “Crime is a problem throughout the Valley, and Livingston is no different,” said councilmember Gagandeep Kang. “So, it’s important to us when our Assemblyman says he’ll do something about it then does it.” Kang noted the countywide VIPER program that targeted violent gang activities, resulting in the arrest of 50 gang leaders throughout Merced County.

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