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Adam Gray Secures Democratic Party Endorsement for Congress by a Landslide

(Merced) – Confirming recently released polling which shows Democratic voters in California’s 13th Congressional District (CA-13) support Adam Gray by more than 20 points, Gray secured the official Democratic Party endorsement this weekend by more than a 2-1 margin.

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support from the dedicated delegates who live and work in CA-13,” said Gray. “I have fought and delivered for the San Joaquin Valley. My record and my priorities are clear – more jobs and water, better health care and schools, and less crime and excuses. I am proud to secure the party endorsement and ready to win this race in November.”

CA-13 is a newly drawn open seat is composed of Merced County, and portions of the counties of Stanislaus, Madera, Fresno, and San Joaquin. Gray has represented nearly 70% of the residents of CA-13 in the State Legislature over the last decade.

“Today’s result is confirmation that voters are more interested in progress than political soundbites,” continued Gray. “I have put my words into action by delivering the UC Merced medical school, new water infrastructure, and the ACE rail extension to Modesto and Merced. We have doubled per-student funding for our schools and launched a crime-fighting task force that cut our murder rate in half. These victories are making the Valley a better place to live regardless of your party, race, or age. I have focused on what unites us rather than what divides us, and I am committed to bringing that same kind of representation to Congress.”

In the days leading up to the Democratic Party convention, opposing candidates from both parties launched distorted and misleading campaigns focused on mudslinging and character assassination. Gray dismissed those antics as a distraction, believing voters are more interested in their next Representative’s record and ability to deliver on their promises.

“Campaigns tend to start throwing mud when they don’t have much else to say,” said Gray. “During my first reelection, the Republican Party spent a million dollars attacking me in every imaginable way except on the issues, because I have always put the Valley’s interests above all else. Some of the other candidates in this race have dusted off those same tired tactics. What they forget is that voters are smart. Voters pay attention. Mud doesn’t win elections. Results do.”

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Adam C. Gray has represented the residents of the 21st Assembly District since he was first elected in 2012. He is running for California’s newly drawn 13th Congressional District which consists of Merced County and portions of the counties of Stanislaus, Madera, Fresno, and San Joaquin.

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